MedCubes MedicalCenter

MedCubes MedicalCenter

MedCubes MedicalCenter is the most comprehensive solution for Medical Centers, Group Practices and Primary Health Centers. Based on a workflow oriented network of doctors, nursing, therapy and administration - and embedding the patient. Supported by integrated expert knowledge, like for example medical guidelines or information about medication.

Increasing cost pressure as well as demographic changes is challenging healthcare providers globally. Since 1978 the WHO’s concept of “Primary Health Care” is trying to ease this situation.

The WHO’s approach to create Primary Health Care facilities as a safeguarding mechanism, respectively as a structural improvement tool for the primary care level thru efficiency and effectivity provide sustainable positive changes to the particular populations. This does not include just emergency medicine, but also the treatment of chronic disease, rehabilitation and physiotherapy and, above all it enhances health promotion policies. Therefore frictionless processes are required in order to optimize the cooperation and communication among all integrated entities. Basically this is the medical and nursing staff. However, there are also therapists, technicians, admin staff, etc. who are contributing to the healthcare sector by providing expertise to the population.

A central point of all MedCubes’ solutions is the support for healthcare providers in the area of communication and their particular workflow processes. To complete MedCubes MedicalCenter we provide functions for Patient Administration and medical, nursing and therapeutic documentation as well. Furthermore, MedCubes MedicalCenter allows the integration of medical devices as well as the connection to subsystems such as casualty handling- and queuing systems, laboratory or radiology systems which supports and facilitates the team member’s work processes tremendously.

Thru its modular and flexible architecture MedCubes MedicalCenter provides integrated tools to adjust the solution in an easy way without relying on cost intensive change requests. The available modules and functions as well as the provided processes and workflows can be customized individually to cover the requirements and needs of all user groups.

Administration and Billing

MedCubes MedicalCenter is the central tool to cover the requirements of the patient control centre in an optimized way.

Based on the patient- and case management you can also perform patient appointment- as well as therapy scheduling. By combining single services and procedures to packages, for instance, the scheduling process for all users can be started. At the same time all required team members, medical devices and rooms are considered too. You can schedule single appointments or series of appointments and treatment or therapy plans accordingly.

Upon patient arrival the treatment, respectively therapy process is triggered. A chip-, respectively NFC card reader is available too. With MedCubes MedicalCenter you can also register acute or emergency patients. 

Beside the general patient administration data you can manage also other information such as insurance data, personal and/or external contacts as well as external healthcare providers.

One central concept behind all MedCubes solutions is its optimized process and workflow engine. While the patient is guided through the healthcare facility all performed services and procedures, or materials such as disposables are documented automatically. Thus, the individual team member is not being blocked by additional and time consuming documentation and can focus on the patient only. These data is also the basis for our billing solution.
Self-payers as well as third party coverage are available in MedCubes Billing. With Q4/2015 the implementation of automated data exchange with third party cost carriers is available.

Workflow Management

With MedCubes MedicalCenter the entire treatment processes of your patients are supported. In addition you can process all other organizational workflow processes as well. The solution integrates all participating user groups with the goal to support their day-to-day business by providing tailor-made workflows. MedCubes MedicalCenter is considered as a solution which provides tools to all team members to reduce their documentation efforts as far as possible.

Based on the requested service or procedure packages and the appointment-, respectively therapy scheduling modules provided all patients are guided through the system smoothly. In addition MedCubes MedicalCenter comes with a comprehensive casualty handling system (CHS) as well as a queuing system. Furthermore, manual or automated recall functions are available too, i.e. email or SMS notification.

In addition to the internal workflows the solution supports also external diagnostic tools which can be integrated into the facility’s processes.

Mutual documentation of specialties and user groups

Thru the custom-assembled modules, based on the scope of your requirements, MedCubes MedicalCenter supports all needed patient related documentation. As a result a full Electronical Health Record (EHR) is implemented. This is seamlessly covering all areas of the medical, nursing and therapy sectors within the entire healthcare facility.

In general you can document patient allergies, any risk factors or patient’s previous diseases for instance. Based on MedCubes’ alarm- and information functions all team members are being notified automatically, respectively such notifications and information are executed by the workflow system itself.

Based of expendables forms a wide range of anamneses models are supported, independently from the particular user groups. Such data is processed by MedCubes in a way that it is available at any point within the solution. This means that anamneses related questions are processed only once and are available for nursing- as well as the medical team members immediately after its documentation.    

With the help of a fully integrated designer tool IT departments or external consultants can customize adjustments and extensions simply and easy for such forms. Requirements or change request orders to MedCubes are not required.
All those freely customizable data is also available for statistics, reports or prints.  

MedCubes MedicalCenter supports doctors in documenting diagnosis and prescribing medication. The Medication module is one of the most comprehensive ones of MedCubes MedicalCenter. It considers several different medication catalogs, drug component’s settings, an alternative (i.e. Generics) prescription mode and supports customizable syntax prescriptions as well as a decision support system (i.e. MIMS®, FDB®, etc.). Furthermore it provides information to drug package sizes and prices.
In addition the prescription module supports also complex therapy schemes. Those standardized schemes can be pre-defined in order to facilitate the team member’s day-to-day workflows.

Thru a complete integration of external expert systems (such as the catalogs and services provided by Diagnosia®) into the prescription process the support as well as performance of the team members can be increased additionally.

For the creation process of results and medical findings (e.g. Xray or lab results, referral letters, etc.) MedCubes MedicalCenter has an electronically supported dictation system integrated (i.e. SpeechMagic™ by Philips). The dictations are forwarded to the respective team member thru the workflow system. MedCubes provides a fully integrated text processing functionality based on pre-defined templates. The validation and access to the text document is handled by the workflow and permission system. All documents provided are transferred and stored in the MedCubes Document System automatically where all information (e.g. created by, access granted by, finalized by, etc.) is available accordingly. Furthermore a document lock feature is provided as well where any additional changes are recorded via a version control feature.
MedCubes Document System is also used to store external patient documents. In such a case it supports also scanner functions.

Internal and external connections

MedCubes MedicalCenter is considered as a core system. On the one hand it supports all required workflows and processes; on the other hand it manages all relevant information of the patient. However, such solutions are unleashing their strength only when also other areas are integrated too.

Internally, MedCubes MedicalCenter is connected to several medical devices and is transferring data in a bi-directional way; e.g. patient- or requested examination data is transferred to a third party system and results are returned automatically. Practical examples are Sono-, or Ecography, ECG or Spirometry. The basis for such data exchange is the HL7 (Health Level-7) standard. Furthermore Laboratory Information Systems can be interfaced as well.

In Austria, for instance, external requests of services and procedures for Primary Health Centres (PHC) are processed thru the DaMe network (Data network for Medicine). In addition this network allows data exchange with hospital and clinics too.

Based on the experience in the area of Telemedicine projects (i.e. MedCubes RemoteCase) there is the possibility to integrate also Tele-Monitoring functions. Here the solution is transferring blood sugar, blood pressure or pulse values into the system. In the future it is planned to extend the solution also for COPD and long-term ECG values.

By using MedCubes RemoteCase, with or without MedCubes MedicalCenter, you can support the mobile nursing team with a comprehensive assessment tool. During patient visits you can document and record vital parameters with the provided medical devices. The data is transferred wirelessly from the devices into the system. Via video conferencing tools you can initialize a direct communication among all team members, or just between the doctor, nurse and its patient.

Overall, MedCubes is providing also special solutions for the area of Wound treatment. Because of its modular architecture also these features can be integrated seamlessly into MedCubes MedicalCenter as well.