A software solution for medication offers distinct advantages over the traditional approach by paper. Not only can readability be improved, which is one main cause for the application of wrong drugs or dosages.

The system also supports doctor´s decisions by patient´s arrival, hence prevent mistakes.

The system is designed to offer a wide range of information to assist the doctor when making decisions regarding the patient’s medication. The information includes access to important patient information like laboratory values (including long term view), doctor’s notes and nurse information, current vital values, allergies and risks, as well as medical information like drug codex info, the possibility to evaluate home medication and medication of previous cases.

Third party software can be integrated for in-depth medical checks like interactions between drugs or correct dosage according to patient´s vital parameters (e.g. height / weight, age etc.).

Using cutting edge technology as a basis allows us to be able to keep up with ever evolving demands in hospital care software and developments in medical IT. The topic of centralized e-medication – where the medication information for the patient is centrally stored and accessible instantly no matter where the patient is located - is an important topic of the future. Offering critical patient information like medication accessible on demand can be a vital improvement over currently existent infrastructure.