MedCubes Workflow

The workflow MedCubes-Apps are the basis to reproduce the processes of the customer within MedCubes.

The central parts of the workflow system are orders. They are used to send jobs to service units or to persons. Generally orders contain one or more services to be performed for a patient. Typically this would be an x-ray or laboratory examination.

Orders can also be used to represent validation processes. For example send a new written result to the responsible doctor for validation and final approval.

Orders are also the basis of drug prescription, nursing interventions and todos. The orders can be combined with the scheduling system to balance the workload of service centers. Fulfilling an order leads to booked services that may be used for billing later on.

On the other hand the work flow apps are used to reproduce the customer’s processes. A process consists of decisions (automatic based on data values or manually executed by the user replying messages within the user interface) and activities. An activity can be to start a program or display a form. A process typically consists of a decision tree and activities at the end of each leaf.

Processes can be assigned to buttons to be started by the user or can be executed automatically by triggered events (e.g. a new diagnosis is booked to the patient).

To create processes the customer or consultant uses the graphic designer of MedCubes.