MedCubes Framework - Entwickler Unterstützung

When we started with the development of MedCubes our internal goal was to be 25% faster in development but with at least the same quality. To reach this target we put a lot of effort into the MedCubes Framework functionality.

MedCubes Framework Developer Assistance

But we also recognized that we need to take better advantage of Visual Studio and code generation. So we developed our own templates and plug-ins.

All our own Apps are developed with these additional tools. Tough we are now also working with a lot of unit tests - what we have not done before - we reduced the effort for developing our solutions by 27%.

As described in the Store topic we are absolutely convinced of the power of a focused community. Therefore we are opening our Framework to certified AppPartners. This includes not only the use of all API´s. We are also giving our templates and plug-ins to our partners.