Projektstart Tele-Medizin im Pflegeheim

On November 26, we started our project to integrate MedCubes RemoteCase in a nursing home. At the initial stage the nursing home is equipped with one RemoteCase. The nurses are documenting the symptoms of their clients and recording the vital signs with selected medical diagnostic devices, in case acute treatment is required.

MedCubes RemoteCase startscreen

To keep the quality of data during the assessment process as high as possible, extensive medical know-how flows into the MedCubes RemoteCase app. Therefore symptoms and vital parameters are linked via various set of rules identifying possible disease patterns. During the data collection process nurses are already made aware of additional relevant symptoms of their clients.
However, the diagnosing process is personally performed by a doctor only. MedCubes RemoteCase app is designed to support the data collection and its assessment process, so all important parameters are presented clearly to support the doctor in his/her decision-making.
The analysis and preparation of these data is done in close collaboration with our medical advisor Clemens Skrabal, MD from more&g eHealth GmbH.

The processed data is transmitted to the doctor for review and assessment purposes. In addition the doctor can view the information via a secure web platform or his/her personal smartphone as well. As next step the doctor diagnoses the documented symptoms and defines follow-up measures via phone or a video conferencing.

The first phase of this project (Q1/2 2015) is defined, based on five disease patterns, whether or not the use of Tele-medicine and Tele-consultation can reduce the number of hospital transports. Go-Live is planned for early February 2015. According to the data collection process this project is scheduled for a period of three to six months.
After this period MedCubes RemoteCase will be used as a regular tool in the nursing home. Moreover, MedCubes RemoteCase will be offered to other customers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland which have already placed their interest into the product and its concept.

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