Pilotprojekt zur mobilen Betreuung chronisch kranker Patienten

The provincial government of Carinthia/Austria authorized the association "Aktiv Gemeinsam - Modellregion Generationsübergreifendes Zusammenleben" to conduct and monitor a regional Telemedicine pilot project on Diabetes Mellitus Type-II patients.

MedCubes RemoteCase for diabetes

During the project period of four months selected patients are transferring their personal and anonymized glucose values to a medical monitoring and re-call system (M.E.M.O.R.E.S provided by our partner more&g). The entire assessment process (i.e. glucose value measurements, transfer of data) is provided by "MedCubes RemoteCase Diabetes". In case particular values are out of normal range the patient gets contacted by the connected call-center that is exclusively staffed by doctors. The patient’s family doctor, selected mobile nursing services as well as nursing homes are fully embedded into the process. Thus the patient is getting a very fast and professional feedback from the connected healthcare service providers. On the other hand these healthcare service providers are able to review and assess high-quality data of its patients and residents of nursing homes.

This project has been started as a pilot first with the intentional approach to win over also other regions and potential partners. However, the main project’s goal is per definition to collect and provide explicit results and facts in regards to quality of documentation as well as the overall benefits for patients and its related healthcare service providers; all data is published for further evaluations accordingly.

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