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Our heart beats for partners!

Our partners are more than just a commitment to us.

 You are the lifeblood of our business.

At MedCubes, we’re serious about our partners’ success. We provide a great healthcare platform, as well as product and technical support, that consistently makes them profitable. And, unlike other companies in the industry, we don't compete with our partners! 

MedCubes Partner Options

The healthcare IT challenge

Within healthcare organisations, business and clinical processes are complex. In the past, software providers often tried to cover all needed functions within one single (Hospital Information Software) software product. The experience showed that a high number of HIS implementations couldn´t hit the expectations.
More and more functional islands were then created. More and more different products with diverse architectures were implemented. The complexity of the clinical information systems were brought to a new level.
As a result of the complex world, integration and operation costs increased dramatically – just to keep the system (and existing vendors) going.
With the need to finance the ongoing operations there is no significant budget left for new and innovative projects. New innovative players and solutions are not welcome.

Why do anything?

A small number of legacy key players are setting the rules. As large market share doesn´t mean necessarily innovation. So we think the time has come to form a network of innovative players. It is our vision to empower innovative players by working together and building this alliance.

MedCubes Partner Program

The MedCubes Partner program is a multi-tier program that includes Distributors, Resellers, ISVs, System Integrators and Solution Providers locally and globally. The program helps partners use MedCubes to build, sell and implement innovative and highly competitive healthcare solutions that lowers customer costs and sustains competitive advantage.

For application developers, MedCubes offers certifications under the partner program umbrella. The program has structured and streamlined processes to onboard and test your company´s products on MedCubes framework. This testing process helps ensure that your products have met the technical requirements to perform well. Certifications might require integration with our API or SDK. More details can be found upon request.

Join today to enjoy a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with MedCubes that's focused on helping customers transform the way they deploy, utilize and experience IT in healthcare.

Opportunities for a variety of partners

MedCubes is focused on software development only. The distribution and implementation business of the products is available for partners. MedCubes do support partners in every single sales and implementation step. The ideal partner has experience in the healthcare environment and is interested to use a proven, but brand new cloud based product architecture.