MedCubes WundManagement

MedCubes WoundManagement

MedCubes provides workflow orientated wound management solutions. Whether in nursing homes or outpatient wound care centres, it is perfectly tailored to your needs and requirements.

Wound assessments are based on a selection of relevant parameters and are presented in tabular and progressive form. A graphical measurement of the wound automatically calculates wound size, width, and depth, as well as supports a image and graphical documentation.

Based on a close cooperation with, and content maintenance provided by wound management experts, MedCubes WoundManagement is able to evolve continuously. Starting with the latest findings, the resulting improvements with regards to documentation, assessment, evaluation and therapy are provided automatically to the MedCubes community.

Wound Management

MedCubes WoundManagement performs wound assessments as well as documentation processes by using a step-by-step acquisition (Wizard). Training efforts are minimised and users find themselves in the solution immediately.

In the context of wound measurement, the essential data of the wound is collected. It includes general information about the wound, the type of wound (e.g. decubitus), as well as its particular localisation on the body.

Recurring examinations of the patient’s wounds are documented as part of the entire assessment process. Wound images are the central elements which include the survey and selected wound and recognized classification systems, such as Wagner, Armstrong or EPUAP (European Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel).

MedCubes WoundManagement comes with a pre-configured setup and is delivered with more than 70 parameters and up-to 8 different classification systems. During the commissioning process you can individually define which of those classification systems you actually want to use in your practical work with the patients. Starting from a simple image documentation up to the complete documentation based on validated wound management concepts.

Wound Therapy

The wound therapy is derived from the collected wounds. Through representation of the wounds and by the immediate access to all wound information individual therapies can be arranged step-by-step. An automated therapy processing (which can be defined on the basis of different wound parameters) is also available. This allows a well-structured documentation.

Individual therapy without reference to a current wound is also possible at any time. In this case even therapy localisation can be included.

Therapies cannot only be used internally. In addition, therapies can be transmitted externally (e.g. to mobile services, etc.).

MedCubes WoundManagement is also used to document the proceedings of therapies in combination with expendet time and material.