MedCubes RemoteCase

MedCubes RemoteCase

Healthcare is a core fundamental of life. Too many people have no or only low quality access to healthcare services in their surrounding area. MedCubes solutions are designed to bridge those gaps and bring the healthcare professionals closer to their patients.



MedCubes offers healthcare solutions starting from small installations like GP clinics or Nursing Homes up to nationwide healthcare networks. It can be used as an extension tool for rural, remote or exposed areas in any environment. MedCubes RemoteCase solution is a combination of

  • Windows 10 Tablet
  • MedCubes TeleAssessmentsoftware including a triage system with a smart decision support system
  • Certified devices with interfaces to the MedCubes TeleAssessment software
  • Online/Offline handling and interfaces to transfer the data to the responsible doctor
  • Video and chat communication system
  • Ergonomic and robust hard cases or bags

MedCubes RemoteCase und Windows Tablet


Possible domains for MedCubes TeleAssessment solution are rural, remote and exposed areas. It is applicable, for instance, in Primary Care Units, Nursing or Elderly Homes, Mobile healthcare service units, the Oil, Gas and Mining industry, Security firms (i.e. Military units) as well as Industrial Estates which provides health screenings to its staff.

MedCubes RemoteCase App

The MedCubes RemoteCase App manages local patient assessments and connects to our centralized Hospital Management Information System or doctor´s IT system by using industry standards such as HL7.

MedCubes RemoteCase Windows 8.1 App

It includes a triage system based on more than 70 symptoms.

The MedCubes RemoteCase App is used to collect and document assessment data from different devices (as below) to support and guide the user thru the entire assessment process. In addition, the App provides multiple health parameters like Blood Pressure, Body temperature, Glucose as well as BMI calculation, Pain scale (even gender based if required) or various Rapid Tests for instance to document the examination process accordingly. The parameters are based on medical benchmarks to facilitate diagnosing.  

MedCubes RemoteCase Devices

Based on the needs of external healthcare providers and health professionals we are providing different cases and settings which can be customized to your personal used case. There is a comprehensive set of high-quality devices available like a 12-lead ECG, Stethoscope, SOP2 and COPD device, Thermometer, Blood pressure and Blood sugar device, HD Dermascope, HD Otoscope and HD Eye scope, or a weight scale if required.
As available by the vendors the devices are connected via Bluetooth or Wireless to allow a seamless documentation process.

MedCubes TeleAssessment Desktop

Our TeleAssessment desktop as part of our Hospital Management Information System – provides doctors in the hospitals or TeleAssessment centres a well-structured overview about all assessments performed by the (mobile) healthcare professionals or Primary Care Units using MedCubes RemoteCase. A location and/or patient based work list allows easy access to the assessment data provided. In addition, by using our Hospital Management Information System you have access to the full EMR of the patient as well.

Within the TeleAssessment desktop we provide a GPS based map where you can see in a graphical way any assessments provided instantly. Waiting times as well as the triage scores values and patient’s symptoms are displayed in a structured manner via our user-friendly graphical user interface. The TeleAssessment desktop has a full Video/Chat communication feature integrated to support Tele-consultations with direct link to the MedCubes RemoteCase App. 

MedCubes RemoteCase Tele-Konsultation

By using MedCubes’ Hospital Management Information System doctors and healthcare professionals can access all provided assessment data of MedCubes RemoteCase as well. All our solutions are seamlessly integrated or can be used as stand-alone if required.