MedCubes PflegeManagement

MedCubes is an intelligent IT solution which is focused on the best possible support for the entire care process. In addition it streamlines communication and documentation processes between all healthcare parties involved. 

Thus, MedCubes main approach is to support all involved healthcare professionals by optimizing their communication and workflow processes. MedCubes Chronic Disease Management also includes Patient Administration and Appointment scheduling as well as medical, nursing and therapeutical documentation tools.  

Thru its modular architecture and flexible structure it is very easy – without any additional costs for change requests – to adjust features and functions as well as to adopt the solution to different user groups. One of the main goals for our development team was to develop a flexible solution which provides fully integrated tools for IT Administrators and/or authorized consultants to adjust and configure – even the running solution – to new working environments, adoptions to workflow processes and/or new user requests. 

Administration and Billing

MedCubes Chronic Disease Management is the central tool to manage the requirements of the patient control center in an optimized way. With our partner’s solution the resource scheduling as well as its administration processes are implemented seamlessly. 

CareManagement / Nursing

MedCubes has implemented various classification modules which are integrated based on the guidelines of the healthcare provider. Nursing standards as well as different assessment models (e.g. Braden Scale, Pain Score, Diet Assessments, etc.) are fully integrated into the nursing processes. Nursing pathways can be executed at different levels by supporting the entire planning routine and simultaneously increasing the quality of care. 


Due to the optional integration of a Drug Datasebase (i.e. Dignosia or MIMS,…) we facilitate the updating of medication data. In addition it provides checks on drug components as well as dietary supplements where contraindication checks are executed automatically for instance.