Echtbetrieb Wundzentren WBZ Pflegedienstleistungen in Wien

After an intensive preparation process the first wound centers of WBZ Pflegedienstleistungen GmbH started with a successful Go-Live with MedCubes WoundManagement on September 22, 2014 in Vienna!

WBZ Pflegedienstleistungen GmbH Logo

Already after the initial Go Live phase the management of WBZ and the entire team emphasized the improved usability as well as its increased performance of our solution compared to the predecessor product.

A big thank you goes to the management, Mr. Felix Madar and his entire team for its extraordinary support during the project preparation and implementation phase!

WBZ Pflegedienstleistungen GmbH operates four locations in the Vienna metropolitan area. Furthermore two more branches in Mistelbach and St.Pölten will be opened soon.

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