Über MedCubes

We are focused on the development and implementation of great and innovative software solutions in the field of Healthcare. Even if our products are targeting a professional environment, it is always the patient himself who is at the center of our considerations. We want to help the staff in health care facilities to focus on the essential aspects of their work:

The best possible care for your patients.

Our solutions are not the product of development in protected environment of a software company. Our solutions are developed in cooperation with experts working for the patient.

The triggers for the development of MedCubes are more than 25 years of experience in this environment and the realization that new approaches are necessary for a sustainable change of the actual situation in the health sector. Based on the knowledge that we collected in the past by delivering Healthcare solutions to real people in worldwide more than 140 hospitals and smaller facilities such as nursing homes or wound centers, we have developed a deep understanding for your needs and problems.

Our vision is to help improving Healthcare with our solutions. Therefore, we have started early 2012 to develop MedCubes. In close cooperation with our customers and partners and with constant improvements. As a result, MedCubes is more than just another Healthcare information system.
Together with our partners, we create a leading, patient-oriented, and open platform for a collaborative Healthcare IT.

MedCubes is located in Klagenfurt and Vienna (Austria), Bangkok (Thailand) and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) as well as have a partner network throughout Asia Pacific (e.g. Singapore, Vietnam, Sri Lanka or Australia) . Please contact us to get in touch with our trusted partner in your region.