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With the rapid advancement in technology and a world of connected health, the combination of sensors, networks, standards, augmented intelligence, and sophisticated consumer behaviour is creating opportunities to impact and improve the overall patient journey.

Nowadays, hospital information and patient management systems are required to have the ability to collect, store, process, and output large volumes of information in various forms by allowing full interoperability with third-party systems for seamless data exchange.

A flexible and scalable architecture to expand such systems at any point of time with a user-friendly UI design are a must to meet the high standards of administrative and medical staff regardless of age and computer skills. They need to combine all stakeholders into one platform irrespective of end-user devices used.

However, first and foremost such systems must fully comply with all current data security regulations and protocols to protect data confidentiality and prevent any unauthorized access to such systems.

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MedCubes+® Hospital Management-/
Clinical Information Solution

MedCubes+® HMIS/CIS is our flagship solution that manages administrative- and clinical processes for out- as well as inpatients in your private or public healthcare organization.

This total healthcare solution enables you to streamline your workflows, provides you with flexibility where required and has an easy-to-use GUI which facilitates all documentation processes for your health professionals. It also incorporates patient engagement tools (i.e., patient portal), highly specialized modules (i.e., Tumour board) or Doctor Apps.

With its Open API approach any third-party products can be seamlessly integrated which further enhances the overall user experiences.

MedCubes+® RemoteCase

MedCubes+® RemoteCase connects people without access to healthcare with health professionals. Symptom-based triage score and seamlessly integrated medical devices (FDA/CE approved) provide real-time data to further enhance assessments.

This solution comes with a built-in patient list, more than 70 health symptoms, video-/audio communication and patient engagement tools. Operated in remote areas with low or no internet connectivity, it provides full offline mode features with an auto-sync feature when internet connection is re-established.

It can be operated on low bandwidth and supports public as well as private health organizations in their efforts to build up cost saving, high quality patient care programs in more remote or under-served areas.

MedCubes+® Wound Management

MedCubes+® Wound Management is an advanced wound assessment, planning and therapy solution enhanced with international classification systems to improve wound therapy processes and elevate documentation.

This product provides fully integrated multimedia tools in combination with standardized and all-inclusive workflows. The documentation process can be further optimized with free-definable templates, planning or assessment tools.

To optimize therapy procedures this product is integrated with ultra-sound assisted wound cleaning processes (third-party), i.e., laser therapy. Patient engagement and planning- and scheduling tools are seamlessly integrated to further reduce waiting times through automation.

MedCubes+® Nursing Management

MedCubes+® Nursing Management is the solution to further elevate your patient assessment, planning and therapy processes from a care point of view due to its streamlined workflows.

This solution automates all essential care documentation processes by reducing care-related administrative tasks to a minimum, provides comprehensive content to your care team based on international documentation standards (i.e., NANDA).

To bring your health and care services to the community (e.g., home care or elderly homes) this product comes with features to support mobile care processes such as route planning, appointment management and free-definable forms and templates.

MedCubes+® MedicalCenter

MedCubes+® MedicalCenter is the central solution to support your in-house processes for your ambulatory and outpatient healthcare facility.

This product provides all required features to support every area within a medical center setting from registration- to clinical dashboards to support specialists and (external) consultants during their patient encounters.

Advanced scheduling and queuing features are reducing waiting time for your patients. In combination with patient engagement tools (i.e., patient portal) and telemedicine features you can further streamline follow-up and in-house administrative processes.

MedCubes+® General Practitioner Clinic

MedCubes+® General Practitioner solution supports medical practices with its digital platform by improving documentation processes in primary care settings.

This software solution enables health professionals in primary care or general medicine settings to elevate their clinical documentation for acute and long-term care for their communities. It provides patient engagement and telemedicine features on top of a robust EMR/EHR framework.

Its intuitive GUI allows health practitioners to focus on care and therapy processes due to its automated documentation features (i.e., dictation with auto-text). Planning- and scheduling processes are automated (where possible) which further empowers patients to manage their personal health records individually.

MedCubes+® Patient Flow Management

MedCubes+® Patient Flow Management is the solution to manage high volumes of patients by aligning doctor schedules and planned examination procedures with available resources such as rooms or machines.

This solution streamlines all planned procedures by automatically allocating your patients to examination rooms and/or examination machines across your entire healthcare facility, i.e., Laboratory or Diagnostic Imaging departments which increases the occupancy rates of diagnostic machines and decreases patient waiting times at the same time.

MedCubes+® Disease Management

MedCubes+® Disease Management supports a Tele-medicine model with a patient-centered approach enhanced by medical technology at the patient’s home.

This solution provides Decision Support Systems (third-party) for inter-connected and evidence-based medicine (EBM). It supports monitoring- and documentation processes for specific (chronic) diseases or post-treatment procedures for people in their private environment or household.

About Us

Innovative Software Solution for Healthcare Providers

After more than 20 years of working with healthcare professionals we realized that a new and more innovative approach was needed to implement sustainable changes in the health IT sector.

MedCubes GmbH offers custom-built and highly flexible software solutions developed in cooperation with healthcare- and software development experts. This includes products such as MedCubes+® Wound Management or MedCubes+® RemoteCase.

MedCubes+® products are available worldwide through our partner network!

What We Do

MedCubes GmbH exclusively distributes software products developed by AHCS AG in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.
We also offer software consulting services for the healthcare industry in close cooperation with AHCS AG.

Implementation services for MedCubes+® products

General support services for live operation and after-sales

Requirements studies for program- and software evaluations

Analyses, design, and programming for new software products

Database and information security services

IT training, helpdesk/IT support and maintenance planning

MedCubes GmbH Partner Program

The MedCubes GmbH Partner Program is a channel partner program to encourage interested parties to become Distributors, Value-Added Resellers, System Integrators or Development Partners for healthcare solutions developed by AHCS AG.