MedCubes - CAREDO

MedCubes CAREDO is a mobile ANDROID App which is managing resource scheduling related tasks and duties for mobile healthcare services. The App is visualizing all scheduled duties as well as ad hoc changes performed accordingly. Furthermore, it is managing all nursing related data from MedCubes online as well as offline.

CAREDO offers a full and comprehensive documentation process for mobile healthcare services within one App.

  • Graphical display for scheduled duties, tasks and add-on notes to changed visits
  • Allowing travel time / vehicles / mileage record¬†management of visits
  • Documentation of procurements/errands and expenses on client level
  • Communication (CHAT feature between mobile units and centralized control¬†centre)
  • Performance record for nursing interventions, documentation of nursing reports and vital paramter values
  • Picture documentation of wounds or special incidents during visits
  • Management of client contacts
  • Display of individualized duty-roster as well as leave and compensatory time applications
  • Proof of duties performed as well as rendered services and hours

CAREDO can be used online as well as OFFLINE!